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Joseph's Secret is now available.

The book is aimed for both genders but it directly speaks to boys. I think it's very important to teach boys about sexual abuse. Sexual abuse harms boys and girls in ways that are similar and different, but equally harmful. This crime is usually done from a position of authority ( coach, teacher, religious or family member). It is important to remember that that 1 in 4 and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before age 18.

Joseph is a happy boy but his life suddenly turns around when he endures abuse. Will Joseph tell anyone his secret? Will he be able to overcome and live his dreams? Read this book about courage and reaching out for help when someone hurts you.

About the author:
Cecibel Contreras is an advocate for children's rights as well as a survivor of child sexual abuse. This is a picture book that uses fiction to address a real-life situation. It takes a gentle, practical approach to teaching child abuse awareness. She has written this book to educate children about safe guarding and protecting themselves from current abusers and future predators.