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Words of Hope & Healing
Childhood sexual abuse is an invisible, painful, debilitating and shattering crime to the mind, body and soul. Many survivors never reveal their secret. However, exposing the crime releases the trauma and can help minimize the after effects. In recent years, survivors are coming forward and breaking the silence and perpetrators are finally being brought to justice. Their evil secret finally emerges from its code of silence and finally our culture is beginning to expose this hidden horror. Yes, sexual abuse, especially incest is a hidden horror, a horror no child should live. Understanding the truth and believing the survivor begins to replace denial and gives the survivor the validation and the peace they need to move forward. Keep breaking the silence SURVIVORS. -Cecibel Contreras

Sexual abuse deceives a child's mind in many ways. I often look upon it as being placed in a concrete cell with no windows or doors, packed full of people I could not trust. As the years went on the people of the cell multiplied,but the room became smaller. When I became an adult I didn't know how to think outside that cell until someone before me showed me the secret door to freedom.
"Where is the key?", I asked. "It is in your voice", she replied.
That day forward I chose to be a prisoner of hope not of the mind. I encourage you to use that key today! Malisia McKinney

Everyday is a new day, yet we still experience painful memories as we go about our day. I want to share something that has helped me. Our hurt inner child feels abandoned and alone due to abuse. As an adult now, we have the choice to parent that child. It is good to simplify your life so that you have time to "feel and heal." It can be scary to feel the intense emotions from abuse. A good exercise is to speak to yourself (inner child) at these moments the way you needed someone to speak to you when you were young. Example " It's not your fault, I love you, you are safe now and so courageous." Sometimes I write to my inner child with the intention to help heal her/myself. This is a powerful way to love and honor ourselves. Healing Together- Maureen Petro‚Äč

We can choose to let situations control us and turn us into perpetual victims, or we can acknowledge and accept that these things have happened in our lives but we are bigger and stronger than any of that. Rise above and live a life filled with purpose.
-Leyla Hur