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              Cecibel Alexandra Hull
           Advocate/ Crisis Specialist 
     Chief Executive Officer/ Founder
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About Incest Survivors United Voices of America
Incest Survivors United Voices of America was founded on January 29, 1997 by Cecibel Alexandra Hull. Today she is joined with other contributors adding their personal experiences and knowledge to offer a unique blend of resources to help men, women, children and couples to heal and be empowered to overcome the effects of sexual abuse and incest.

Join us in our journey of hope. Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments either in private or in public. We hope to empower, encourage and inspire victimized children, adult survivors and families affected by incest, sexual assault, rape, molestation and relationship violence by providing resources, a safe haven and the support to "Live Beyond Sexual Victimization".

We are
Committed to educate and aware the community. 

To educate the public on all aspects of incest and child sexual abuse such as symptoms, intervention, prevention, statistics, reporting, ensure the safety of survivors, their access to services and resources necessary to achieve a full recovery. We also educate in areas such as bullying, teen suicide, children’s rights, child trafficking, missing & exploited children, online safety, and pedophiles/sex offenders. 

OUR GOAL: We will lower and eradicate child sexual abuse statistics by educating the public on every aspect of child abuse through successful campaigns that provide educational materials and literature concerning child abuse, prevention, treatment for recovery, coping skills, family and peer support, communication skills and empowerment to families, victims and survivors. We will empower the community through the distribution of information via all media outlets such as internet, radio, television, books, magazines, pamphlets and events involving speakers through partnerships with community leaders and key stakeholders to encourage the development of victim-sensitive laws, policies, and procedures across all systems that impact survivors of child sexual abuse.

​ Incest Survivors United Voices of America works in unity with other advocates, community leaders and governmental authorities to provide awareness and a safe haven for victims and survivors of child abuse or child sexual abuse.

Survivors have the power of transformation. We have the potential and  ability to heal anything, on any level within    ourselves as well as in any other being.      What remains is to realize this fully and       actualize that potential.
Our hope rests upon that survivors of sexual abuse find the ability to overcome and heal from the devastating affects of sexual assault as children. We are here to share the lessons we have learned that have empowered us to be more than just survivors but strong advocates helping the communities, families and individuals around us to grow healthy and strong as well.

           Harold Glen Hull  
            CSM (Retired) 
 Advocate/ Motivational Speaker