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Online Predator Watch and Expose℠
One of the attractions of the Internet is the anonymity of the user, and this is why it can be so dangerous. A person doesn't always know with whom he or she is interacting. Online Sexual harassment often involve direct contact between the victim and the perpetrator it can be done in relative anonymity. The Internet provides a number of opportunities for harassment in which the assailant may not actually know the victim. This can be done at random, often by spamming e-mail and instant messenger addresses, or may be directed at a particular target the assailant does not actually know.

Online sexual harassment can also occur between two people who know each other, in which case the messages sent can be more personal in nature. In any type of sexual harassment online, the harassment typically involves unwelcome and unsolicited words and images that make the victim feel threatened or distressed. Anyone receiving such messages should request the sender stop further communication immediately and indicate that any future messages are unwanted and will be considered harassment. A copy of this notification should be kept by the victim, as evidence in case of future harassment.

If this type of notification does not end the online sexual harassment, then an official complaint should be made to us.

Online Predator Watch and Expose℠ mission is to Make the Internet Safer for our community. 

OPWAE is dedicated to continuing to raise public awareness about online dangers, specifically the dangers of Internet pornography, and sexual predators. We will monitor online predators and expose them to the FBI.

Please feel free to report a predator with substantiated evidence and we will follow up and publicly expose this crime.

Call-1 518-361-6455